vintage woman applying makeup powder mirror

"Mirror, mirror..." How much time do you spend looking at yourself? Photo: Getty Images

Hey, good-looking... how's about you stop hogging the mirror?

A new study from QVC Beauty has found that the average British woman spends the equivalent of five days in front of the mirror each year, the Daily Mail reports.

Um... vain much?

The survey of 1,000 females also found that in total British women use enough lipstick each day to draw a line from London to New York, along with 880 gallons of foundation and more than 16 million sweeps of a mascara wand, according to the paper.

Ugh... pass us the cold cream.

Meanwhile, nearly 40 percent of women reportedly claimed that they wouldn't leave the house without makeup, while 19 percent would spend less on food rather than cut down on beauty products (Kate Moss, is that you?).

And one in four women reportedly consider makeup an essential, not a luxury, while 53 percent of women said that the recession had not affected their beauty buying habits.

No kidding. According to the study, women splash out an average of £653.64 ($1,034.47) per year on beauty products, totaling more than £43,000 ($68,055.37) in a lifetime.

"Whether it's a slick of lipstick before the office party or a new skin regime after the winter blues, beauty products have the power to make people feel good about themselves," QVC Beauty head buyer Kate James told the Daily Mail.

"With more disposable income, modern women are savvier beauty shoppers than ever, getting the best prices from their products and learning the best ways to use them before anything even touches their skin.

"Beauty is an area which modern women feel passionately about."

Clearly. Now, if you'll excuse us, we have a hot date with our compact.

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