Lara Stone

Lara Stone has won her lawsuit against French Playboy. Photo: lorian Seefried, Getty Images

The folks at Playboy must really be feeling like boobs right now.

Supermodel Lara Stone has won her lawsuit against the French edition of the girlie magazine for running unauthorized nude photos of her over the summer, reports London's Telegraph.

A French court has awarded Stone "significant" damages as part of the settlement.

The skin pics, taken last year by photographer Greg Lotus, appeared in the June issue of French Playboy.

And while 26-year-old Stone has peeled off for glossies like W and French Vogue -- and currently appears in a racy banned ad for Calvin Klein X jeans -- she has said that she would never pose for Hugh Hefner's pages.

"It's not the kind of publication I would ever choose to appear in," the Dutch-born model said in July.

Playboy has been ordered to publish a prominent legal statement confirming that they infringed Stone's image rights, and the gap-toothed beauty will donate her court winnings to the Great Ormond Street Hospital.

''No woman wants photos of them to be published in Playboy without permission," says Stone. ''I'm very pleased to have won the case, although of course I would rather not have had to take legal action at all.''

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