Madonna Hard Candy Fitness logo

Madonna's Hard Candy Fitness logo. Photo: PR Newswire

She's burning up, burning up... the calories?

Madonna will be launching an international chain of gyms called Hard Candy Fitness, according to an announcement on PR Newswire.

Together with manager Guy Oseary and New Evolution Ventures (NEV), the Material Girl will be on hand to open the chain's first location, a 30,000-square-foot gym in Mexico City debuting Nov. 29, the release reports.

Hola, abs!

The Dolce & Gabbana model -- known for her muscular biceps -- is reportedly also eyeing 10 more future locations in Russia, Brazil, Argentina, and throughout Europe and Asia.

Also on the horizon: potential partnerships that would merge fitness, fashion, and entertainment. Be still our heart.

"Madonna's world tours have taken us to many of our favorite cities around the world," Oseary says in the statement.

"We are looking forward to opening Hard Candy Fitness with NEV in many of these same places."

"Our goal is to create an environment inspired by Madonna's vision and high standards of what the ideal gym would be," added NEV chairman Mark Mastrov.

"Hard Candy Fitness will be a reflection of Madonna's point of view and will reflect her input on every detail including music, space, light, and other design cues.

"Madonna's touch will be everywhere."

In other words, expect wickedly hot, young Brazilian personal trainers and ultra-sexy leotards (paired with fingerless lace lifting gloves, perhaps?).

Hard Candy Fitness also promises to provide members with luxe locker rooms, a juice bar and cafe, a bike studio, mind and body studio, and classes such as Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, and Vogue-ing (we hope).

Now, who's ready to break a sticky and sweet sweat?

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