Freya Scandinavian Skin Science

Freya Scandinavian Skin Science uses Omega-3s from salmon eggs to rejuvenate skin. Courtesy of Freya Scandinavian Skin Science

StyleList comes across new skincare lines on a daily basis. There's often not much to differentiate one from another, so when we were invited to an editor breakfast for Freya Scandinavian Skin Science, we were hopeful that we'd learn something new.

And little did we know that our morning meal would come with a side of beauty-enhancing fish eggs.

Freya Scandinavian Skin Science is based on the idea that Omega-3 fatty acids are great at rejuvenating skin, but until now, we have only seen products that use plant-derived omegas. Freya employs Omega-3s sourced from salmon-egg cytoplasm that's frozen immediately after harvesting.

So what led cell physiologist Dr. Runhild Gammelsaeter to these salmon-derived Omegas? "After marveling at the youthful hands of workers who hand-mixed roe at salmon farms, our researchers focused their study on discovering the secret of this phenomenon, exploring the regenerative properties contained in ultra-pure arctic salmon roe."

From this research Freya's LEXA complex was developed: a bio-active anti-aging complex containing proteins and peptides that communicate with fibroblasts (collagen-producing cells) and cause them to act like stem cells. The fibroblast cells then multiply faster and produce 500 percent more collagen. The complex also includes potent antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in Norwegian bilberry, cloudberry and lingonberry to fight free radicals and help diminish fine lines.

The body absorbs marine Omega-3s more efficiently than their plant-based counterparts, but until now, marine-sourced Omega-3s haven't been used in skincare formulas because they've always been considered too unstable. Freya's nano-encapsulation technology keeps them stable and allows them to be absorbed topically for the first time.

Freya is a collection of five products, including Arctic Cleansing Water, Hydrating Day Cream, Firming Eye Cream, Restorative Night Cream and our favorite -- Intensive Anti-Aging Serum, which contains the highest concentration of active ingredients and doesn't leave our skin tacky or tight like some other serums.

Now we're reaping the benefits of salmon from the inside and the outside. Will skincare supplements be next? Stay tuned for more news from Freya.

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