Heidi Klum apple costume Seal blond wig Eve 2006 Halloween bash

A pregnant Heidi Klum dressed as a serpent-wrapped apple, while Seal was a blond Eve, at the model's 2006 Halloween party. Photo: Gregg DeGuire, WireImage

When it comes to scary supermodels, Heidi Klum has Naomi Campbell beat.

Every Halloween, the "Project Runway" star transforms herself into some of the most terrifying temptresses around, including a gorgeous golden alien, a red-hot witch, and a babealicious bloodsucker.

Believe it or not, even you can look as ghoulishly cool as Klum -- and it won't require a head transplant. In a StyleList exclusive, the mother of four reveals her secrets for pulling together a frighteningly fabulous ensemble.

Here, in her own words, are Klum's top costume picks for couples and kids, plus a few of her all-time favorites.


Halloween is one of the best days of the year for a child to show off their imagination. Here are some basic costumes that you can really make one-of-a-kind.

Bzzzz: A bumblebee costume is cute, fun, and shows that your child has a good sense of humor. Get a yellow-and-black-striped shirt, black tights, and black flats. Next, buy or make little yellow round bumblebee wings and antennae that bounce around when they move. Add some sparkles around the eyes and remind your little bee to buzz!

Ahoy, Matey!: A pirate costume is great because both boys and girls can get into character, whether it be a swashbuckling pirate captain or a devious pirate maiden! Your kids also get to choose whether they are dirty rotten pirates with ripped-up clothes and dirt-smudged faces or dandy pirates sporting all of their sparkling treasure. Before preparing your costume, watch "Pirates of the Caribbean" together for some inspiration. You can buy the [Captain Jack] wigs with dreadlocks at any costume store. Add a bandanna and you're good to go!

Witchy Woman: When your little girl grows out of the princess phase, the next best costume is a witch! A black, shredded metallic dress with a see-through hoop skirt works perfectly. Tease her hair and spray it all different colors -- blue, pink orange, green! Kids love having their hair sprayed!

The Curse of the Mummy: A mummy costume can be as much fun to make as it is to wear. If you don't have any old sheets at home, you can buy some at a thrift store. Let the kids paint all over them to give them the "I've been buried in a tomb" look, then wrap them up. A good way to keep them wrapped is to hot glue the sheets to a pair of white sweatpants and T-shirt -- of course, not while the kid is wearing it.


When picking out a costume to wear with your significant other, choose a classic couple or something totally unexpected! If you are unsure about how to make a couples costume funny, just switch roles.

Siegfried and Roy:
It's really funny as a woman to dress like a man! This costume requires lots of spray tan, wigs, makeup, and lots of gold chains! High-waisted pants also equal lots of laughter and a fun night!

Catch of the Day: An easy but fun costume is fisherman and mermaid. All you need are waders or a fishing vest -- and don't forget your fishing pole! For the ladies, go simple with lots of glitter, makeup, a maxi skirt, and a bikini top with seashells glued on. Just add some tulle or fabric to the skirt bottom to create your fin.

This is a great way to bring out your inner teenager! A football jersey and some pillows for padding will create your quarterback. For the cheerleader, any short skirt and sweater will do as long as you splurge on the pom-poms. For fun, switch roles or go ghoulish with some white face paint for instant zombies.

You're Under Arrest: There's nothing sexier than a man in uniform. My husband surprised me at my Halloween party a few years ago by "raiding" the place and restoring order. To be really in character, you have to get all the fun knickknacks a cop has: A pair of handcuffs is a must! For the lady, a tight red minidress, blazer, and high heels with tons of fake jewelry spilling out of the pockets will cause a stir! The bigger the jewels, the better.

Me Tarzan, You Jane: I always love a good loincloth! These costumes can be quite sexy and fun -- the smallest amount of fabric and some bones in your hair. This costume is especially good when the man has a naturally hairy chest. You could always sub it with a hairpiece for an extra laugh.


Here are some of my favorite costumes every year.

Meow, Sexy Black Cat: Making a cat costume is actually pretty simple. Get a leotard and some fabric paint, and draw cat patterns right onto the leotard. Buy a dog collar with a tag and put a fun message on it. When I was a cat in 2007, I put, "If lost, please return to Seal." You can also buy cat ears and a fake tail that can be attached with a few stitches or a safety pin.

I Vant Your Blood: Fangs are one of my favorite costume elements, and I love any excuse to wear them! The more blood dripping down them, the better and scarier. Also, play with changing your look: If you are blond, get a great black wig. If you have jet-black hair, go gray. It's good to invest in one amazing element of your costume that you can save and reuse.

Superhero: Be a superhero and choose your own superpowers! Own this costume a bit, and steer clear of the Halloween store pre-made costumes. Grab a tool belt and some gadgets around your house. With a cape and a giant letter on your chest, you can save the day!

Flapper: A flapper costume is totally classic. Yes, it's from the 1920s, but you can do a lot to modernize it. Go to a thrift store and find a great sequined dress. It's amazing what you can find in thrift shops -- I love popping in to take a look around even if it's not Halloween. Buy a fun sequined headband with a feather, and style your hair with bouncy curls.

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