Ever wondered how your hair evolves as you age? We did. So we created the "Six Decades of Gorgeous Hair" series where we will examine each decade of a woman's life with super-chic style advice (notice we didn't say the dreaded "age appropriate"), hair-pulling concerns and celebrities who are rocking their manes the best.

Julie Andrews Shirley MacLaine Jane Fonda

Julie Andrews, Shirley MacLaine, and Jane Fonda. Photos: Valerie Macon/Getty Images | David Livingston/Getty Images | Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

In your 70s, your hair should be all about ease and simplicity. It should also reflect your inner personality. No one says you have to cut it all off and resign to a style that makes you feel old though! By working with your texture and your face, you can still pull off a style that is fresh, vibrant and flattering.

Style Cues
One of the tricks to looking as young as you feel is to choose a modern hairstyle that softens your face.

According to celebrity stylist Mark Garrison from the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City, your 70s are a time to choose chin-length cuts with lines that are soft and feminine. Think of a modern-day bob with swingy layers and volume at the crown. Garrison also says layers that flip away from the face are flattering, as are side-swept bangs cut to brow length on an angle.

Another great option -- especially if your locks are thinning -- is to go short and textured. By having hair trimmed two to three inches all over with uneven pieces around the face and the neck, you can create a trendy, tousled look. To style, simply add some firm styling gel to wet hair, blow dry away from your face using your fingers to fluff, and finish with a firm holding spray. Pulling some hair down around the bangs and the neck will soften the look and add a feminine touch.

Carolina Herrera

Designer Carolina Herrera exudes timeless style with her elegant updo. Photo: Amy Sussman/Getty Images

When it comes to color, Nikki Ferrara, colorist at Sally Hershberger Salon in NYC, says "Keep it simple!". Single process is always best. If you want more dimension, add some tone-on-tone highlights that are a smidge lighter than your base color. You can ask your colorist to paint a few highlights on at the shampoo bowl Ferrara advises. This process only takes five to ten minutes and adds a little extra something to your color by having "barely there" highlights.

Hollywood Hair Icons
One of the first Hollywood beauties in her 70s that comes to mind is, of course, Jane Fonda. Her hair always looks current and trendy, yet classic. Other 70-something stars who pull off a great look include Ellen Burstyn, Shirley MacLaine, Carolina Herrera and Julie Andrews.

Your No-Fail Plan
In your 70s, hair can feel malnourished, fine and weak with a loss of shine according to Garrison. The question then becomes: To color or not to color? It's best to consult with your stylist here. If your hair is in good condition and you want to get rid of the gray, go for it. But if your hair is over-processed or too thin, it's best to wait. Just remember,
vibrant silvery strands can be gorgeous and may not need any coloring at all!

In between visits to the salon, shampoo and condition with product designed for mature hair (Kerastase and Dove both carry good options). And don't forget a deep conditioning treatment every week for added shine and moisture.

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