Stacey London

Stacey London tells us what to wear. Photo courtesy of TLC

For eight seasons Stacy London has been helping the fashion clueless transform their wardrobes and lives on TLC's popular makeover show "What Not to Wear."

In the upcoming season, which premieres Oct. 29, London and co-host Clinton Kelly will teach former "Facts of Life" star Mindy Cohn how to "shut the door" on the sloppy wardrobe habits she's developed since her sitcom days.

StyleList dialed up London, a former Vogue and Mademoiselle editor, to chat about what to expect and get the scoop on what she will and won't be wearing this fall.

StyleList: Is working with a celebrity like Mindy Cohn any harder than, say, a sloppy, suburban mom?
Stacy London
: Sometimes, because they've been dressed by stylists and photographed on a red carpet, they think they have this idea of what works for them. They can be resistant because they think they have it all figured out. But Mindy was very receptive. She recognized she was doing a lot of things wrong. She had confused her sense of comfort with her sense of style.

StyleList: Isn't that the problem with most people you work with?
: If you had to boil it down it's that they haven't made peace with their flaws. They don't accept their cankles, that they have or don't have boobs, or that their body has changed since they've had children. It can be many things, but the biggest issue they all have is not accepting themselves -- good or bad.

StyleList: Help us out of our own fashion ruts. What's a fall trend anyone can wear safely?
: I'm all about faux fur. I'm a little obsessed. The trick is to be discerning. You can, of course, wear these great vests or chunky jackets, but that's not necessary. You can get a shearling boot or a pocketbook with a little faux-fur trim. I don't really go for real, because I love animals too much. And some of the faux out there are amazing!

StyleList: What are the fur traps to avoid?
SL: It's about tone. Some of these things work fine for evening, like the jackets, but some of it can be very rustic. Also, the one thing that drives me crazy is any trend head-to-toe. You see that with animal prints.

StyleList: How do you get animal prints right?
: Last month, I flipped open Glamour and there was a photo shoot with J.Lo. She was wearing animal prints from head-to-toe: hat, dress, coat, shoes, the works. She looked amazing, but that look isn't going to translate well for you and me. An animal-print shirt with a dark leather jacket can look very rocker; a dress with an animal-print cardigan can look very work appropriate. But if you pile it on, it's just going to be a disaster.

StyleList: How about jeggings? I can't imagine you being a fan.
: They don't work for the vast majority of people. If you do wear them, have some sense of proportion and think about what you pair with them. A jegging with a sweatshirt and you look like you are going to Jazzercise. Unless you are part of the small majority of the population who can actually get away with them, I say avoid them. Please.

StyleList: Could there ever have been a "What Not to Wear" Stacy London episode?
: I make so many mistakes. I wear colors that don't flatter me. I've worn jackets with collars that made me look like a stewardess on Vulcan airlines. For so many years I was behind the camera [so] I have to be really conscious of what looks good on camera.

StyleList: Why do you think the show has such enduring appeal?
: Part of it is that it makes people feel better about themselves. They say, "Look at that lady in those awful clothes. I'm not doing bad." People love transformation. We don't take people out and give them a new house or help them lose 100 pounds, but help them dress better. It's attainable transformation, so people can relate.

Watch "What Not To Wear" Fridays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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