Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart

Hilary Swank as Amelia Earhart. Photo: Fox Searchlight / Courtesy Everett Collection

Every year I get caught up in the Halloween hoopla and drop a pretty penny on a costume, but this time around I have decided to give into the impulse on one condition - nearly every piece be wearable long after sugar rush wears off. So for this installment of The Weekender, we have a costume that incorporates on-trend fall pieces. Let your holiday and your wardrobe take flight with this Amelia Earhart-inspired getup.

Style Tips:
  • Bomber jacket: This cropped jacket is a trademark Amelia item but also a timeless investment for any wardrobe. Leather bomber jackets are durable, warm and get better with age. And we love the way they add a touch of edge when paired with flirty feminine pieces.
  • Riding boots: Another staple in Ms. Earhart's in-flight ensembles were boots like these lace-up leather Weatherbys. Same deal as the bomber jacket--a timeless item in a supple leather that grows old gracefully.
  • Aviator cap: It was often cold in the cockpit and nothing protected like a trapper-style aviator hat. Though the trapper look has been popular for the past few years, it seems likely to stay since nothing is warmer than ear flaps on a bitter winter day!
  • Silk scarf: Although Earhart always dressed for function, she tended to add little feminine flourishes, often in the form of a silken scarf. This silk Cole Haan scarf has a timeless Hermes class to it (without the Hermes price tag).