Bobbi Brown's Hydrating Skincare line. Photo Courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Entering a new season always seems to make our skin go haywire. And while we're past those grimy, summery moments, wintry flakes are on the horizon.

But thanks to Bobbi Brown we can tackle cold-weather days with her new line of super-moisturizing, soothing products that work without making skin look and feel greasy.

The Hydrating Skincare collection includes a face tonic, gel cream, face cream, and intense night cream and is concocted with what Brown has dubbed an "enriched mineral water blend." It's mixture of nutrients found in healthy skin: zinc aids in tissue repair, calcium helps to protect the skin barrier, copper boosts collagen and elastin production, iron carries oxygen to the cells, magnesium assists in DNA production and decreases irritation, and potassium helps skin cell growth.

Each product also contains a plethora of other skin goodies like green tea, Vitamins A, C and E, and aloe, cucumber, and shea butter.

What makes this beauty arsenal stand out from others designed to combat dryness is that it totally melts into your skin and provides the right amount of moisture. And guys can get in on the action as well since the fresh scents aren't super sweet.

Oh, and everything costs between $26 and $58, so you won't have to choose between skincare products or a new winter coat!

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