very large man very large suit

Can you supersize that suit? Photo: Euan Myles, Getty Images

Would you like fries with that?

British big-and-tall retailer High & Mighty has introduced the country's biggest off-the-rack suit -- a whopping size XXXXL garment designed for a 64-inch chest and 60-inch waist, the Telegraph reports.

Big enough to fit two adults, the supersized suit has UK health experts bemoaning the rise of obesity, according to the paper.

"This is horrifying and just goes to show that we have a huge problem," Tam Fry, a spokesman for the National Obesity Forum, told the paper.

"Clearly so many are reaching this weight that clothes to fit them are available on the high street alongside normal sizes.

"The public health implications are huge, and it is going to take a generation or more to tackle this crisis."

One in four Britons is reportedly listed as obese, while the market for large-sized menswear has grown by six percent in the last five years.

And recent studies show that one-fifth of British men have a waist bigger than 38 inches and a chest size of 44 inches or higher, the Telegraph notes.

"We are leading increasingly sedentary lives; it is hard for parents to keep their children away from the television or the computer, and the consequences of that are visible," High & Mighty director of retail operations John Murphy tells the paper.

"We have found there is enough demand to make larger sizes available, including the largest suit available on the high street.

"We are also getting taller ever year, and guys are not only getting bigger but they are also coming in different shapes, which makes it harder for them to find clothes that fit.

"We aim to provide a place where people can come in and get measured properly for clothes that actually fit."

Even if that means a suit that could fit the Olsen twins with room to spare, apparently.

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