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Cindy Crawford celebrates the retail launch of Meaningful Beauty. Photo: Maury Phillips/

Chances are if you're an insomniac, early riser or simply an around-the-clock shopper in need of a fix, you've seen supermodel Cindy's Crawford's infomercial for her anti-aging skincare line Meaningful Beauty.

And now the collection is making its retail debut at Sephora stores located inside JCPenney, so even if you're not an "As Seen On TV" aficionado, you can pick up the products that aim to turn back the clock.

StyleList caught up with the 44-year-old stunner at a Meaningful Beauty launch event in Los Angeles, California to find out how she maintains that youthful glow, the importance of night cream, and her beauty must-haves when she's not in front of the camera.

StyleList: When you first decided to develop Meaningful Beauty, what was your goal for the line?
Cindy Crawford: I think it was a couple of different things. One was to create a line for myself. I was already working with Dr. Sebagh, so it was like, how do we bottle this stuff, because I'm not getting to Paris four times a year to get these treatments. But, in a bigger sense, most women don't get to go to be his patient, so how do I share Dr. Sebagh with, I always say, my sisters, because they're like me if I didn't have this extraordinary career. So how does that translate? When I did an exercise video a long time ago it was like how do I take what I learned from Radu [Teodorescu], the trainer, and share it, because everyone asked me what do I do to work out. Well, this is what I do. A lot of people ask me what do I do to take care of my skin, this is what I do.

SL: What did you feel was lacking in skincare that made you want to create your own line?
CC: It's not so much what was lacking, but Dr. Sebagh has an incredible formulation including this SOD [superoxide dismutase], which is melon extract. I knew the transformation that my skin had gone through so just to get the SOD into formulation so that people could use it at home in a system that all worked together.

SL: In talking to other women, do you find there is one common mistake that we're making in regards to skincare?
CC: It's never too early to start taking good care of your skin. I think sometimes people start a little late. We wait until the wrinkles are already there and then we're like, 'Oh, what am I going to do?' And then I think a lot of American women think something needs to be rich to give moisture and it doesn't. Even some of my friends who are my age, when they started using Meaningful Beauty they said, 'It's great – it's so light!' It's triple-emulsion, it doesn't have to feel greasy to be moisturizing your skin. And I think a lot of women make the mistake of forgetting to wear sunscreen. You're getting sun even when you're not laying out, and put it on your chest because there's no surgery or anything for that so you've got to take care of that, and your hands.

Meaningful Beauty by Cindy Crawford anti-aging skincare line. Photo:

SL: At what age would you suggest women start an anti-aging regimen?
CC: I think you can start with your basic good skincare when you start wearing makeup. Anti-aging is sunscreen – you're never too young to start with sunscreen. And then a good cleanser will help you with other stuff, like pimples or that kind of problem that you get when you're younger, and then a night cream. I think those are three basics that are good for someone to start with. That could be for a teenager and 20, for sure. Then at 25 add a little eye cream in there and definitely exfoliation. I like chemical exfoliation. I like the glycolic pads that we have that I use every day, so you're getting a chemical exfoliation every day but it also feels like a Stridex pad so your skin feels clean afterwards.

SL: What's the most important step in daily skincare?
CC: A good night cream ... well, it's hard to say because the balance between day and night is really hard. I see day as protecting and night as restoring. You have to feed your skin at night because that's when you're resting and then during the daytime you have to protect it from all of the environmental stresses.

SL: You have a longstanding relationship with JCPenney with a home collection and jewelry line sold here as well, how does it feel to see Meaningful Beauty finally sold in a retail location?
CC: It's a great marriage, really. It's really exciting because as much as Meaningful Beauty has been successful doing it with infomercials, this is the first time we have a retail presence. A lot of people have maybe seen it but they're just not the kind of person who will buy from television, but they trust Sephora and they trust JCPenney. They can come in and try Meaningful Beauty in an environment where they're more comfortable buying something. They can try just one piece or they can try the introductory kit. I think it's exciting for a lot of people who may have been curious but have never tried it.

SL: Aside from Meaningful Beauty, what are some of your beauty must-haves?
CC: I'm pretty low-maintenance when I'm not working. Carol Shaw from LORAC has a really nice foundation that I use right now. I love Sonia Kashuk – she has really great brushes at Target. She's my really good friend but I love her brushes. They just make any makeup go on better.

Turning back the clock with skincare is great, but could we taste anti-aging ice cream by 2015?

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