Pouf Hair Chanel Oscar de la Renta Vera Wang

Pouf hairstyles on the Fall 2010 runways of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, and Vera Wang. Photos: Jun Sato, WireImage | Jemal Countess, Getty Images for IMG | Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images

Big hair is making a huge comeback this season!

Out-there-hair ruled the Fall 2010 runways of Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Vera Wang, and Nina Ricci. And celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Sharon Stone, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Gaga have teased their tresses to perfection.

"I think hair trends are directly related to fashion trends. Because we are seeing a resurgence of very feminine, proper clothing, hair has to match the look," says celebrity hairstylist Amoy Pitters. "Big hair is a very '60s look, and I think any woman can wear it no matter the texture of your hair."

And this fall, the teased hairstyle is all the rage because the beauty of it demands attention, adds Shedelle Holmes, hair extensions and blowout expert.

Ready to try out this voluminous hair trend, we tasked celebrity hairstylist George Ortiz to perfect these runway looks into a wearable hairstyle on a real woman -- namely, Lindsey Schickner, Fashion Editorial Assistant at StyleList.

As you can see in the photo slider below (move the button from left to right to see before and after shots), the pouf hair trend is a simple, yet stylish way to add volume to your locks.

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Pouf Hair

Gently tease hair at the top of your crown using a fine tooth comb. Photo: Ben Ritter for AOL

To recreate this chic 'do and make it look less like Snooki, it's important to start with clean hair. Pitters and Holmes both recommend washing strands with body-enhancing products like Warren-Tricomi's Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner or Rene Furterer's Volumea line.

Towel-dry your hair and apply a dime-size amount of serum to prevent frizz. Back comb your locks using a rat tail comb and with your head upside-down, Pitters advises that you start to blowdry.

After blow drying, use the rat tail comb to tease the roots -- going section-by-section, scrunching and teasing.

Then separate your hair into five sections and roll with hot rollers. Spray with Rene Furterer Finishing Hairspray and allow curlers to set for 10 minutes. Remove hot rollers, brush hair back, and don't touch, says Pitters.

And if you're pressed for time, Holmes recommends pin curling instead of using hot rollers.

After towel drying your locks spray on Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Expansion Hairspray directly to your roots and Kerastase Resistance Volumactive Mousse to the hair before blow drying. Then using a round brush, blow dry the hair at the base to increase lift at the root, Holmes advises. Pin curl each section and allow your strands to cool.

Remove pin curls, flip your head over, and loosen the curls with a Mason Pearson brush.

Hold the ends of the hair strands and gently back comb the roots of your hair towards the scalp using a rat tail comb. Lightly brush the un-teased hair away from the roots and apply Ojons Extreme Hold Hairspray to finish the look.

Shop the selection of shampoos, hairspray, combs, bobby pins, and brushes below to help you perfect the wet hair trend, and check out our Wear the Beauty Trend column for more pretty looks to try.

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