Rihanna keeps it gangster for a skit featured on "Saturday Night Live." Photo: NBC

She may be the "Only Girl (In The World)," but Rihanna is definitely holding her own.

The 22-year-old pop star returned to "Saturday Night Live" this weekend as the musical guest and reteamed up with Andy Samberg for the gangster skit, "Ronnie and Clyde," as our friends over at PopEater report.

The gun-toting beauty busted into the bank with her way too soft-spoken partner in crime, Shy Ronnie, dressed in a belly-baring pinstripe blazer, high-waisted pants, navy bra, fedora, camel leather gloves, and dark red lipstick to match her fiery mane.

But unlike the notorious outlaws of the 1930s, Ronnie and RiRi are just a mess.

Watch the nearly bungled bank heist digital short below which features confident vocals by the Grammy winner and vintage wardrobe inspired by the 1967 film "Bonnie and Clyde." And don't miss Rihanna escaping the scene of the crime with sexy bystander Jon Hamm (the "Mad Men" star was host of the episode).