anthropologie accessories store hat display

Chic toppers at Anthropologie's new accessories shop. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

The doors are barely open at the first accessories-only Anthropologie shop, and there are already plans for another.

A division of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie Accessories will open a second all-accessories store early next year, StyleList has learned, and it will not be in close proximity to a traditionally merchandised Anthropologie store.

Shop number two is planned for the "Tri-State area," Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk told StyleList. Asked whether it's the Philadelphia tristate (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware) or the New York tristate (New York, New Jersey, Connecticut), the exec at the Philadelphia-based Urban revised his statement, saying the store will open in "the Northeast."

anthropologie accessories store purple couch

Make yourself at home in the new Anthropologie Accessories store. Photo courtesy of Anthropologie

The first Anthropologie Accessories opened Oct. 29 in Chevy Chase, Md., a suburb of Washington D.C. This shop is literally located around the corner from a traditional Anthropologie store.

The merchandise is focused on shoes and jewelry and includes labels such as Rachel Comey, Chie Mihara, Bourne, Marion Vidal, Benoit Missolin, Eugenia Kim, Ikou Tschuss, Leslie Oschmann, and more.

Our money is on New Jersey.

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