Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System

Christi Harris Precision Brow Planing System. Photo courtesy of Christi Harris

Ladies it's time to put down those tweezers, skip the hot wax, and let your brows grow in healthy and full!

That's the message two increasingly popular brow brands are preaching to the masses. While Christi Harris's brow system uses a planing blade to painlessly shear brows without damaging your hair follicles, a new Chella brow conditioner promises to stimulate and grow brow hair -- or you get your money back.

Harris bases her concept for a razor-like planing blade on the belief that ripping a brow hair out -- whether by threading, tweezing or waxing -- will eventually damage the root, inevitably causing balding and sparse brows as women age.

"The eyebrows are one area where women really have to take ownership," says Harris. "Women have to be able to recreate the brow at home, or else risk that someone is going to take too much off, and brows don't always grow back. If you've been trying to regrow an area for more than two months, the bad news is it's most likely gone."

Harris's Precision Brow Planing System has been sold via infomercials in the past, though Nordstrom has just picked up the kit and it will soon roll out to stores nationwide. Retailing for $39.95, the palette contains a trio of powder shades to match all brow colors, a diffusing duo that both highlights and sets brows, and the Adda Brow, which fills in sparse spots with a texture that mimics real hairs with its fiber composition. Three clever brushes that can double as eye makeup applicators are included along with the star Precision Brow Planer.

When we tepidly took the blade to our own brows, we found the sharp finish flawlessly cleaned up stray hairs, leaving behind the clean look it usually takes a week or two of abstaining from tweezing and then waxing hair to achieve. The planer moves slowly across the skin, and you can hear the tick of each hair being sheared so that the method is slow, controlled and precise.

"Your hairs don't grow like soldiers in a row, which is why women can so easily take off too much when they're trying to shape an arch. The planer allows you to get that real fresh, crisp finish," says Harris.

Chella Brow Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment

Chella Brow Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment. Photo courtesy of Chella

An insider beauty tip: we also found the hydroplaner works its magic on the upper lip and cheek areas as well -- though using the blade for an all-over facial hair remover will most likely cut down on the life of the sharpness, which Harris says lasts about four months when using the planer for brow grooming purposes. The one bummer is that the planer is not yet available for order on its own, so you'll have to repurchase the entire kit if the edge gets dull.

Meanwhile, Chella has launched its Brow Full-Fillment Conditioning Treatment which is similar in concept to the natural lash growth products that have been so popular on the market in the past couple of years. The $90 blend utilizes proteins, peptides and amino acids to improve the look of brow thickness and volume, as well as, fortify the health of your natural hairs. Panthenol and biotin hydrate brows to condition and enliven sparse and lifeless looking hairs. While results vary by person, the brand promises you'll see initial results in three to four weeks, with best results appearing in eight to ten weeks.

"Over tweezing, coloring and waxing can take its toll," says Chella celebrity makeup artist DeeDee Marcelli, who has worked with celebs including Alicia Keys, Teri Hatcher and Vanessa Williams. "Think of the treatment like conditioning your hair, with all of the wonderful ingredients working on the underlying skin, and caring for your hair follicles," she adds.

While we haven't used the brow treatment long enough to see results, the clear blend of nutrients applies without detection to the brows, which you're instructed to paint on once at night before bedtime. Some testers have seen areas that have been sparse for years become re-stimulated by the blend, although results will vary on a case by case basis, and can be affected by factors like genetics and lifestyle.

With our new brow finds in tow, we're looking forward to fuller and lusher looking arched brows. After all, why should our lashes enjoy all the fun and glamour?

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