Boomsticks feature dewy, soft-glow finishes. Courtesy photo.

That circulatory flush that blushes your cheeks, lips and neck when you're in the throes of love, laughter or even just a heated run is the inspiration for a new cosmetics line based entirely around one shade of color.

"Most beauty tips today recommend anti-wrinkle, anti-age, concealer and cover ups," says the founder of Boom! by Cindy Joseph, whose flowing silver locks helped launch a modeling career after she decided to go gray naturally at the age of 49. Spotted by a model scout on that very day she snipped the last of her colored tresses off, Joseph has since graced campaign ads for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic.

"I would like my Boomsticks to be an add-on to your life, not a requirement," says Joseph. "I would like women to be motivated by fun, not fear. Women can feel good about themselves as they are naturally. When you're happy, your circulation revs up and gives you a color, radiance and glow that Boomsticks create," she adds.

The layerable sticks -- which look like chubby cream push-up pops -- feature a universal sheer blackberry-like Boomstick Color, a champagne Boomstick Glimmer and a honey, olive oil and beeswax Boomstick Glo moisture stick. Each tube retails for $24, and features paraben and phthalate-free formulas that easily layer and blend for a soft focus finish.

The Boomstick Color is meant to mimic the natural tone of your own blush, which Joseph says you can see on the sides and center of your neck, forehead, eyelids, cheeks and lips when you're healthy and your circulation is vibrantly pumping after your heart rate increases.

Founder Cindy Joseph was a makeup artist for 25 years before becoming a model sought after for her gray hair. Photo: Chuck Baker

"Boomstick Color is that little kid lip and cheek color, that perfect mixture of pink, plum and red to recreate what Mother Nature gave us," says Joseph. "After working with thousands of faces over my 25 year career as a makeup artist, I discovered a universal sheer color that works beautifully on every skin tone -- from chocolate to porcelain."

While the Boomstick Color stroked on Joseph's porcelain skin and soft green eyes looked like a sheer berry, the same shade applied like a gauzey guava on my own olive-toned skin. And swept along the cheekbones of an African-American friend happily willing to play beauty guinea pig revealed a slightly warmed sheer plum that seemed to emanate naturally from within.

"Your skin is real and creamy and alive -- it doesn't have a powdered texture!" says Joseph. To that end, the makeup artist-turned-model suggests using the Boomstick Glo solid balm on your lips, eyes and cuticles to impart hydration, and blending the Glimmer stick onto the inner corners of the eyes, center lids, bottom lip, cheekbones and clavicle for a healthy-looking dewy glow.

While we do feel naked without our trusty mascara and a swipe of undereye concealer, the Boomstick trio does make looking polished while on the go easier, with three travel-friendly solid tubes of multi-use color, highlighter and hydration all in one place. Plus, playing with the shades is more than half the fun.

"It seems many of the sales people behind the makeup counters want to make it all a mystery," says Joseph. "I want to make cosmetics accessible and straight to the point. You don't need a whole mess of products to look healthy and revived."

We're thinking these Boomsticks could be the perfect compliment to our Makeup Free Monday face.