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The Patient's Question: My nose goes almost across my face when looking from the front view, but looks like an OK nose from the side. I think I would be way more attractive if I got this corrected.

The patient before and after the suggested cosmetic surgery procedure. Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert M. Freund

Dr. Freund's Answer: Overall, you are an attractive woman and will look great whether or not any procedure is performed to change your nose. Your concerns focus on the width of your nose and that can be seen in the before photograph. In the computer generated after shot, I tried to show what you would look like if I:

1. Narrowed the upper part of the nose.
2. Narrowed the tip, but added a little definition to the tip area.
3. Narrowed and added shape to the nostrils.

The procedure necessary to create these changes is a rhinoplasty or nose job. However, the procedure to create this look for you is not identical to the typical reduction rhinoplasty that so many people get for a bump on their nose. In fact, your procedure would require that we add tissue or a graft to the tip and profile of your nose to create this improved look. The usual cost for this type of procedure is about $5,000 to $7,000. And the downtime is typically one week.

Perhaps more important than the procedure itself, are the reasons you want to change your nose, as well as, ethnic considerations. Let me explain – a while back, I had a patient like yourself and performed a similar procedure to the one I described for you. Everything went well and the results were as expected, but the patient found that things got difficult for her in her own community because many reacted unfavorably to a change such as the one I described. The response was such that the patient regretted her choice.

How this relates to you or any other rhinoplasty patients is that Hollywood has created an image of the perfect nose. Many people are subtlety affected by that idea of perfection and make changes that in the end won't fit well with themselves or their community. Now, we teach that you should not care what others think; yet, it is difficult to avoid it when everyone treats you differently. In essence, I am highlighting that changes have consequences. Prior to undertaking any ethnic rhinoplasty, I make certain that my patient understands that the procedure can alter their appearance in a way that friends and family may not accept.

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Respectfully submitted,

Robert M. Freund, MD, FACS

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