Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin wears a voluminous hairdo on Fox News. Photo:

Sarah Palin's political career may not be reaching new heights these days, but her hair certainly is.

Miss "Going Rogue" herself appeared on Fox News last night as an election analyst with a voluminous, pageant-style 'do.

While the former Alaskan Governor didn't quite rival Snooki's signature pouf, her big hair made it especially hard to focus on her views on the political race.

Teased, Bumpit or extensions, we're not sure what the secret is behind the volume. What we do know is Palin would look a heck of a lot better -- and maybe even more credible -- if she toned it down a bit.

Just because big hair is making a resurgence on the runways doesn't mean everyone can -- and should -- try to pull it off (or up, as the case may be). But hey, at least she didn't appear on TV looking like Hillary did recently!

This isn't the first time Sarah's hair made headlines. Click here for Sarah Palin's hair history.

Want to try your strands in a pouf? Watch the video below for volumizing tricks of the trade.