Levi's new Water<Less jean

A pair of Levi's new Water<Less jeans. Photo courtesy of Levi's

Earth girls may not be easy, but being one is about to be.

Levi's is set to launch a sustainable denim line called 'Water<Less' in January, WWD reports.

During the washing process, the jeans will use 28 to 96 percent less water -- depending on the style -- than the average pair of denim thanks to more eco-friendly washing and finishing techniques, according to the paper.

"We challenged ourselves to operate at the intersection of style and sustainability," Erik Joule, senior vice president of merchandising and design for Levi's, told WWD.

"We challenged conventions and asked in which processes we could eliminate or reduce our water use."

The label will reportedly initially roll out 1.6 million pairs for North and South America, but hopes to triple that number and expand to the rest of the world.

The line -- which involved ozone processing to create the effect of a water wash -- will reportedly cost from $40 to $148, with a range of 501, 511, and 514 fits as well as a trucker jacket.

Levi's water conservation efforts also includes the removal of sandblasted products, and product care labels that encourage customers to wash their jeans less frequently, WWD reports.

Gold star, guys. And it beats that other water conservation method: not bathing!

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