Salvador Dali famous moustache

Salvador Dali and his sculpted 'stache. Photo: AP Photo / Philippe Halsman Archive

Well, hello, Dali!

Surrealist painter Salvador Dali has topped an MSN Him poll naming the most famous moustache of all time, the Telegraph reports.

Three words: Magnum was robbed.

Famous for his odd waxed moustache -- often fashioned into unusual styles -- the late artist won 24 percent of the vote in a poll of 14,144 British men, according to the paper.

Also too hot to handlebar? Runner-up Hulk Hogan's blonde 'stache (18 percent), plus Albert Einstein (13 percent), Friedrich Nietzsche (12 percent), Charlie Chaplin (11 percent), and Freddie Mercury (11 percent).

Better luck next time, Gable.

The poll was reportedly conducted in honor of Movember, a charitable initiative that encourages men to grow moustaches in November to raise health awareness.

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