Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood featured in the new ad campaign for Olay facial cleansers. Photo:

For generations, many women have been introduced to Olay's anti-aging products by mothers and grandmothers -- but now the P&G owned skincare giant is looking to attract a younger audience with a new ad campaign featuring country music star Carrie Underwood.

In photos that depict a freshly face-washed Underwood with a squeaky clean glow, it appears the brand is focusing on its line of facial cleansers -- which contain foaming formulas, scrubs and cloth wipes -- to target the younger demographic, instead of the anti-wrinkle and lifting moisturizers it is most well-known for today.

When StyleList attended the announcement of Underwood as a new face of Olay earlier this fall in New York City, the "American Idol" winner-turned-country-sensation said that she hopes caring for and protecting her skin now will mean that she won't have to turn to plastic surgery down the road.

"I started to focus on how I took care of my skin in my 20s because I don't want to ever do drastic things to my face. It's just not my style, I want to keep it as natural as possible," said Underwood.

Meanwhile, brand executives say that by targeting the needs of younger women, they'll fill a gaping hole in the current skincare market. "The partnership with Carrie Underwood is all about reaching women like her, ages 25 to 35, who are not currently using Olay now, or really any other skin care brand, because they think the products are very focused on anti-aging. We believe this campaign will bring these women into the brand for the first time by giving them uncomplicated skincare -- simply a regimen of cleansing and daily facial moisturizer with UV," P&G vice presdient for North America female beauty Joe Arcuri told WWD.

The 27-year-old Oklahoma native has been signed to Olay as a spokesperson for a period of two years, however, Underwood is no newbie to the brand. The star said her mother has used Olay's classic Beauty Fluid since she was a child, and had encouraged her and her two older sisters to take care of their skin.

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