Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan set to design handbags for her 6126 line from rehab. Photo: Jack-APG-Maciel/

It's in the bag!

Lindsay Lohan, who seems to bypass criminal charges in fashion and law, will oversee the production of a new handbag line from her company 6126 while still in rehab, according to our friends over at PopEater.

The actress, who makes mugshots look like headshots, has a serious talent for fashion, according to her design partner, Paz Shakked who says that Lohan is "very experienced in fashion" and calls the designs "very beautiful." And the two reportedly keep in touch via email to discuss production.

Lohan, who is currently receiving treatment at the Betty Ford Center, isn't letting those orange jumpsuits get in the way of being stylish. (She even sported Christian Louboutin's to court prior to being booked!)

"We work around our schedules," says the designer. "We work together really well, we have a nice chemistry." Shakked, who has worked for Tarina Tarantino and Dolce & Gabbana in the past, confirms that the actress is very much an active partner in the design process, saying, "I talk to her every chance I get ... Everything is approved by Lindsay."

"She knows fashion, that is for sure," says Shakked.

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