Tom Brady waffle tee UNDER ARMOUR Green collection ad long-sleeved shirt long hair

Tom Brady in a long-sleeved waffle tee from the Under Armour Green collection. Photo courtesy of Under Armour

Under Armour just scored a hairstyle touchdown for Patriots Nation.

Seems the cutting-edge sportswear-apparel giant -- not a supermodel wife -- is now calling the shots on how NFL quarterback Tom Brady wears his hair.

In Under Armour ads just unveiled, the Justin Bieber-bangs Brady has been sporting since spring's NBA playoffs are gone.

There's not a wisp in sight as the hunky New England Patriots MVP models a waffle-knit, navy blue long-sleeved T-shirt made from recycled plastic bottles.


Yes, the hair is still long, layered, and beachy, but the boyish bangs are pushed back.

Hub pundits and hairstylists in Boston are probably doing an end zone happy dance. They, of course, cried foul when Brady first unveiled his shaggy do, a departure from his clean-cut style of seasons past.

Even the mockery of ex-teammate Randy Moss and Bieber himself couldn't convince the three-time Super Bowl champ to get a haircut.

The bangs stay, Brady told detractors, adding that they should speak with his wife, supermodel Gisele Bünchen, before he would consider a trim.

Enter Under Armour, which announced a multiyear endorsement deal with Brady on Nov. 8.

As part of the deal, Brady will wear Under Armour apparel and footwear for training and a new line of customized cleats at future games.

"Tom Brady represents a lot of what Under Armour is all about," Kevin Plank, founder and CEO of Under Armour, said in a statement. "He's humble and hungry and continues to be focused on winning and getting better every single day."

Now, if Under Armour would only consider hiring 44-year-old David Schwimmer for its next campaign.

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