Style foul? Coy Sheppard claims he was kicked off his high school football team for wearing pink cleats in support of BCA. Photo: Shannon Long

Bieber hair may fly on the football field, but pink cleats? No dice.

High school football player Coy Sheppard is suing his Mississippi school district on the grounds that he was kicked off the team for wearing pink cleats in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, USA Today reports.

The 17-year-old kicker was reportedly scolded when he turned up for a game on Oct. 8 in the unconventional shoes, which were a gift from his great-grandmother and worn to honor his grandmother and step-grandmother, both cancer survivors.

The boy alleges that Coach Chris Peterson of Mendenhall High School cut him when returned the next week in the rosy footwear, according to the paper.

Though Sheppard is now reportedly taking the matter to court and says he fears his prospects of graduation are in jeopardy, his school district claims that the shoes aren't really the problem.

"It had absolutely nothing to do with lack of support for breast cancer awareness," District Deputy Superintendent Tom Duncan told the paper.

Duncan told USA Today that Sheppard was forced off the team for being insubordinate to coaching staff, and added that the boy would be able to make up his PE credit to avoid issues with graduation.

The teen's lawyer Oliver Diaz says that Sheppard apologized for not following the rules and had offered to stop wearing the pink shoes.

The lawsuit asks that the school lets him return to the team, clears his record, and offers any financial damages to the American Cancer Society, according to the paper.

While pink cleats may have been unwelcome on the Mendenhall field, the NFL showed support for Breast Cancer Awareness last month by encouraging players to wear pink decals, wristbands, cleats, and more, the organization announced.

Meanwhile, a four-year-old growing his hair for cancer patients has been expelled from his school.