Katy Perry keeps the peace in the new ad campaign for her OPI Spring 2011 nail polish line. Photo: Chic Profile

Caliiiiiiforrrnia looooove.

Katy Perry has ditched the Elie Saab wedding dress and gone back to her fun-loving (and sexy) roots in the playful new campaign for her OPI nail collection, Chic Profile reports.

Posing against a vibrant backdrop featuring a peace sign drawn with nail polish, the "Firework" singer wears a purple wig adorned with pink gerber daisies, plus leather hot pants and a beaded and fringed California crop top thrown over a pink bikini.

Russell Brand is so thanking his lucky stars right now.

As we previously reported, the four-color collection will launch in January at Ulta.

Available for $9 each, the shades include Teenage Dream (a plummy pink sparkle), Not Like the Movies (metallic silver), Last Friday Night (a Crayola blue glitter), and The One That Got Away (a deepest dark berry purple).

Three words: Come to mama!

Meanwhile, check out Katy's even racier fragrance campaign.

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