Rachel McAdams is business casual in a scene from her new flick "Morning Glory." Photo: Macall Polay, Paramount Pictures / AP

Women far and wide will be flocking to the theaters this weekend to catch "Morning Glory," the Harrison Ford, Diane Keaton, Rachel McAdams comedy in which the latter stars as a newbie television producer dealing with two seasoned on-air vets.

In honor of the film, we've culled together four outfits for fashionably-inclined working women. Whether you are cutting your teeth at a major broadcasting station (as McAdams' plucky Becky Fuller does) or are a seasoned vet of the fashion industry (a la Rachel Zoe), here are some professional looks that would be office-appropriate.

Which career gal look do you lean toward? Find the outfit that matches your job description below.

If you tend to channel McAdams' "Morning Glory" character on a daily basis, you may need a look that says "I mean business" even if you are young and fun. To pull off a professional facade, pair a pencil skirt with a classic button-up shirt. If you're brave, take liberties with accessories to show your youthful side. But if you prefer to play it straight, then a simple pair of studs and a thin gold chain watch will do. Pull it all together with a Kate Spade quilted tote to lug around all those scripts.

If you're an editor, a stylist, or even an intern at a top fashion mag, looking cool is the name of the game. Don't be afraid to dress up some denim by selecting a slim-fitting pair of black jeans as your foundation. Add a sweet turtleneck sweater (it's practically winter after all!) and top it with a fur (of the real or fake) variety. Oversized sunglasses and sassy black booties will provide the added edge to look like you just stepped off of a runway.

For the creative darlings who spend the days wiling away the hours in their studio - writing, painting and generally reveling in the arts, here is a comfortable and cute version of lounge wear. A slouchy pair of pants complimented by a chunky knit sweater. The laissez-faire look is perfect to go from art class to the coffee shop and the addition of patterned clogs and a funky hat will solidify your status as an impressive bohemian princess.

For the high-powered financier, an expertly tailored suit will show that pesky old boy network that you're not only a threat in the boardroom but also the wardrobe. Peek a sleek black number that looks Savile Row-worthy and add some strategically placed accessories for some subtle style nuances. Those could come in the form of a cluster of brooches (a la Michelle Obama) or a fun animal print scarf for a dash of color.

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