If you've ever stepped into a Bath & Body Works during the holidays, you know how crazed shoppers get for scoring the brand's glittery assortment of gift-friendly buys that include every kind of shower gel, body lotion, candle, and bath accessory Santa Claus can think of.

And with the launch of Twilight Woods for Men, the retailer will embrace a new demographic for the first time in its history. "This year, we're about the men. So many men are buying gifts in our stores during the holidays, or else they're being dragged in," said Camille McDonald, executive vice president at Bath & Body Works.

In addition to new boy-friendly products, the Black Friday hotspot is rolling out its usual smorgasbord of scented goodies.

We perused the shelves of gifts at a recent launch event at the Bath & Body Works headquarters in New York City, and have rounded up our top five picks of the season to reward your family and friends with.

Sweetest, Softest Ever Robe and Slippers. Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

For Mom, Aunt or Grandma: Sweetest, Softest Ever Robe and Slippers in Pink, $49.50 and $14.

Infused with moisturizing shea butter, this plush microfiber robe is perfect for cold winter evenings spent snuggled up on the sofa. The hydrating effects last through multiple machine washes, and the fuzzy matching slippers are often offered for free with the purchase of the matching robe -- as is currently the case online.

What's Shakin' Martini Shaker Set. Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

The 20 Something: What's Shakin' Martini Shaker Set, $16.50

Featuring a full-sized sparkling martini shaker in choice of fuschia pink or lime green, this set also comes with body lotion, shower gel, fragrance mist and Liplicious Limeade Lip Gloss for a kick of both flavor and fun. Choose from best-selling scents Warm Vanilla Sugar or Sweet Pea.

Secret Wonderland Collection. Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

The Bath Enthusiast: Secret Wonderland Collection, $3.50 to $29.50

The newest scent to launch, Secret Wonderland is a light fruity floral featuring notes of strawberry, gardenia, jasmine and white amber. Priced at just $10, the Mini Ritual Gift Set makes for a pretty grab bag gift, while the eau de toilette spray bottle design brings style and sophistication to an under $30 price point.

Reindeer Mint Pocketbacs. Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Stocking Stuffer: Reindeer Mint Pocketbac, $1.50 each

The cuteness factor really rings our sleigh bells -- but these antibacterial scented hand gels are also a practical gift. The reindeer-wrapped bottles are tiny enough to fit into a purse or pocket, and come in flavors ranging from Dasher's Apple Mint to Comet's Ginger Mint. It's a great way to get kids excited about cleaning up, too!

Holiday Wall Flowers. Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

The Self-Gift: Holiday Wall Flowers, $8.50 each

"My plug-ins are not like some god-awful cheap strawberry scent. It's plug-in couture," master scent-maker Harry Slatkin said at the holiday event. "Create your own holiday home atmosphere by combining candles and plug-ins in different pairings," Slatkin further advised. Our favorite pick of the crop? The pine, cinammon and bay-leaf scented Winter.