jennifer hudson airport blue purple bodysuit unitard leggings headphones sunglasses

Jennifer Hudson spotted at the airport in a less-than-flattering, skintight ensemble. Photo: Papsfirst / Splash News

She sings, she dances, she sheds pounds like its nobody's business... is there anything Jennifer Hudson can't do?

Er, yes. Like pull off this unflattering bodysuit. (Though, in all fairness, who can?)

The Oscar-winning actress made a rare style misstep as she arrived at the airport in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 10 in a pair of ribbed, purplish-blue leggings worn with a matching lace top along with ankle boots and oversized sunglasses.

Unfortunately, the clingy, onesie-style outfit did no favors for the Weight Watchers spokeswoman's newly slimmed-down figure, clinging to her sexy frame and creating a dreaded camel toe situation.

Oh well. On the plus side, we suppose it was a more comfortable flying outfit than, say, heel-less boots or a strait jacket dress.

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