Kim Kardashian beach bunny swimwear ad white bikini go-go boots blonde helmet

Kim Kardashian goes "Barbarella" for Beach Bunny. Photo courtesy of Beach Bunny Swimwear

Beam me up, Scotty!

Kim Kardashian is going sci-fi sexy in a new Beach Bunny Swimwear campaign inspired by the 1968 cult film "Barbarella," according to a label press release.

The fragrance buff wears a voluminous blonde wig and barely there white string bikini accessorized with go-go boots, futuristic metal jewelry, and a space helmet for her swimwear label's latest shoot.

"My Divinity Collection was inspired by Jane Fonda in the movie 'Barbarella,' where she plays a super-sci-fi-sexy Queen of the Galaxy," the Justin Bieber fan wrote.

Although her locks are more Dolly Parton than vintage Fonda in the ad, we're sure the fellas are too busy drooling to notice the difference.

The star's sisters also channeled classic blonde starlets for their own swimwear shoots, with Kourtney paying homage to Brigitte Bardot for her Sailor Chic collection and Khloé went cavewoman-sexy in a Raquel Welch-inspired shoot for her Modern Majestic collection.

"I felt very Lady Gaga
with that 'do, especially since we weren't wearing any pants," Khloé jokes in the release.

We're all for a little blonde ambition, but we think we're ready for our favorite brunettes to go back to their roots!

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