California dreamin' was on many a model's mind, as bronzed cheeks, tousled, beachy waves and sun-kissed lips set the tone backstage at the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

"Sexy is not what you wear, it's how you feel," model Adriana Lima told StyleList, between tosses of her pin-curled mane and a tropical flush that brought a flood of light-snaps from cameras capturing her every move in the hair and makeup room.

Fellow Brazilian model Alessandra Ambrosio sat nearby in lead makeup artist Tom Pecheux's chair sipping green tea, as individual MAC lashes were carefully glued to the outer half of her lashline. "I called my trainer 15 days ago to do the Brazilian butt lift workout everyday," the 29-year-old said. "When you wear lingerie, everyone looks at your butt first, and then your stomach -- so I focus on those areas," added Ambrosio.

Meanwhile, Pecheux was busy painting the recent mom's highly recognizable face. "The keywords are bombshell and beach," said Pecheux of the makeup, which featured a strong streak of bronzer across cheekbones and on the outer sides of the bridge of the nose, where sun often leaves behind freckles on over-indulged skin.

Cheeks were contoured with the same deep taupe shade used in the crease of eyes, and white eyeliner brightened the inner corner and waterline. Brown lip liner was first sketched as a base for lips, and topped with a smidgen of red lipstick and a top coat of beige gloss -- which all melted together to form a sun-touched terracotta pout.

Walking in her fourth show, Namibian model Behati Prinsloo was having her locks tended to when lead hairstylist Sam McKnight revealed the secret behind that trademark Victoria's Secret wave. "It's all about curl and volume, which we achieve with clip-in extensions, a curling iron, volumizing hair spray, and lots of good brushing," said McKnight.

Yet, hair wasn't the first thing on Prinsloo's mind, as the 21-year-old model had very specific plans of the tummy-pleasing sort. "I'm going to the afterparty later, and then I'll probably go get a burger. No -- I'd love a steak and fries and chocolate mousse!" Prinsloo told StyleList.

In spite of all the glamour, pink satin robes and bed-head looks, Prinsloo admitted that a typical day in her life is quite different. "This is not reality, it's a show. When I'm not doing this, I'm just a normal girl. Okay, I work out more than the average person, but it helps with confidence," she said. "I love relaxing at home in Pink sweat pants, or even running out and to the deli in them."

Funny, we don't see many Victoria's Secret models dropping by our deli. We'll just have to take the sultry brunette's word on that one.

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