old makeup brushes

This makeup bag needs a little refresher. Photo: Getty Images

Ladies, we need to talk.

According to a new British study, 66 percent of women admit to using makeup products after they've hit their expiration date, the Daily Express reports.

You filthy animals!

The Opinium Research poll of 3,813 women also found that 15 percent didn't even realize that cosmetics have "use by" dates, while 49 percent simply don't check the date, according to the paper.

A third of women said that they check the "use by" dates but don't necessarily follow them, and 73 percent confessed that they don't know what ingredients their cosmetics contain.

Sigh. It's like you're not even listening to us.

"Food has an expiration date, and people don't think twice about throwing away gone-off milk and moldy bread, so why would people think cosmetics are any different," James Endersby, managing director of Opinium Research, told the Daily Express.

"They say beauty is timeless, but unfortunately makeup products are not.

"In order to look after your health and beauty, people should only keep their items to the stated times."

Once you've gotten rid of your expired products, update your makeup drawer following these tips.

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