nine inch heels

Over the topple. Meet the Sky Heel. Photo: SWNS

NBA, here we come!

Brave ladies are set to get a boost with the launch of the nine-inch Sky Heel, billed as the tallest heel available on the market, the Daily Mail reports.

The vertiginous shoe -- due to be released next year -- will come in sparkly red or gold and retail for less than $100, according to the paper.

Great! That should save plenty of dough for those inevitable doctors' bills when your ankle snaps just as you're crossing Fifth Avenue.

"The Sky Heel was fueled by customer demand to mimic the celebrity look," a Sky Heel spokesman told the paper.

"We've seen the five-inch and six-inch, and we've even seen the seven-inch heel.

"The trend is bigger, bigger, bigger -- and the Sky Heel is the biggest of them all."

In other words: Be afraid. be very afraid.

News of the launch comes on the heels (heh) of a new study linking sexy stilettos to footwear accessories like casts and wheelchairs.

A fifth of women reportedly admitted that their heels had caused them to sprain an ankle or tear a tendon, while a third have done a face-plant -- risking broken teeth and wrists -- thanks to their platforms.

It's a cruel world, isn't it?

But hey, it's not all bad news. With a nine-inch lift, just think of how easier it will be to date Shaq. Not that he'll notice.

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Fortunately, mid-heels are making a comeback. Phew.