The First Lady Michelle Obama volunteers at a soup kitchen earlier this year. Photo: JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

It's important to honor the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday by helping those who are less fortunate. For this installment of The Weekender, we've got some suggestions for a comfortable outfit to wear while volunteering for charities like Meals on Wheels or at your local soup kitchen. Some may argue that thinking about fashion in the face of hardships may seem callous, but a non-constricting ensemble is essential when you're planning on giving back 110%.

  • Leggings: When you're running around all day, comfort is key. Leggings are stretchy and won't show stains. Black leggings are an essential basic that fulfill both requirements and generally looks more put-together than jeans.
  • Blazer: Along the same lines, this sweatshirt knit blazer allows for movement, and can easily camouflage anything you might spill while serving plates of food or washing dishes.
  • Hat: When working around food, it's important to keep your hair secured and away from your face. A cap like this is a good alternative to a hair net.
  • Shoes: Flat, rubber-soled shoes work well in a slippery kitchen environment. This pair of lace-ups from socially responsible company TOMS fits the bill, and for each pair that you buy, another is donated to a child in need.