"Hold On" to your hats, people... Wilson Phillips is back!

The popular '90s trio of Chynna Phillips and Carnie and Wendy Wilson have a new album of holiday classics, "Christmas in Harmony" (out now), and a new attitude on fashion and beauty.

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Present-day shining stars: Wendy Wilson (left), Carnie Wilson (center), and Chynna Phillips (right). Photo courtesy of Sony Music

StyleList chatted with the multiplatinum-selling musicians about their style essentials, how motherhood -- between the three, there are nine kids! -- and weight fluctuations have changed them, plus what they think about their outfits from their pop star heyday.

StyleList: How do you feel about the comeback of '90s fashion trends like leopard print and underwear as outerwear?
Wendy Wilson:
I've always had a thing for animal prints and think they are timeless. What would be the point of underwear as outerwear?
Carnie Wilson: I didn't mind '90s trends at all. Except the underwear as outerwear. I don't know why but it still grosses me out. Just looks scummy to me. I adore leopard! I'm mad for leopard shoes and bags!
Chynna Phillips: It makes me kick myself because I always give away clothes when they go out of style. Everything always comes back though.

StyleList: Do you still own any outfits from the '90s?
I wish I owned some of the clothes and shoes. I had some amazing pieces.
CW: I do not own a single thing that I had in the '90s. Only memories. The only thing I kept were special touring T-shirts and my "Carnie" talk show jacket.
CP: I gave them all away, except my black leather jacket, of course.

StyleList: How would you describe your style today?
My style is never too flashy, but I stay current. I still love velvet, suede, and lace. I wear jeans more than ever before.
CW: My style is about comfort and what I feel good in rather than what is trendy. I love to shop, especially when I am a size 10 or 8. I wear more high heels and skirts. Since my weight has really fluctuated over the last five years I prefer to stay casual with leggings and great tops unless I am performing or making appearances. Then I like my stylist Art Conn (from "American Idol") to dress me up in one of his genius creations.
CP: My style is chic, casual, and laid back with a mix of silks and cotton. I love soft, gentle fabrics. My style on stage is absolutely different. It's a bit more glam and polished as opposed to my ashram couture offstage.

StyleList: What designers do you prefer?
I wish I followed designers, but I just pick what feels right. I've bought Free People and Max Azria, but in general, I tend to have classic taste.
CW: I adore Michael Kors, Isaac Mizrahi, and Donna Karan -- smart designers and I feel great in their clothes. Oh, can't forget Marc Jacobs. Holy crap! Love! Betsey Johnson kicks butt too. Once in a while I will splurge on Chanel shoes and Louis Vuitton purses. Now we're talking my downfall!
CP: I love Dosa -- it's a lot of silk and cotton combos. I also love Stella McCartney because of what she stands for!

StyleList: How has motherhood affected your style?
I keep things a lot more simple. Unless I am going to work or out to dinner, you will often find me in jeans, flats, and a T-shirt, or a skirt and simple top with boots. I do not take long to get ready because I have four boys to dress.
CW: It's hard to focus on dressing myself when I am always dressing my two darling daughters, Lola and Luci. I wind up in sweats and Crocs and honestly... couldn't be happier.
CP: It's restricted because I can't be around my kids without getting stains on everything. You can't wear your favorite silks because you get splashed with applesauce. Also I would never be as risqué as back in the day -- I'm a mom now. You have to be conscious of how much skin you're showing.

StyleList: What item of clothing can you not live without?
I would say my Paige jeans.
CW: There is nothing like wearing jeans that make you feel and look good. Jeans are the must-have items forever, in my opinion. They go with anything!
CP: My cashmere wrap/pashmina. It's like a blanket and I take it everywhere!

StyleList: What is your secret beauty indulgence?
Green drinks. I always feel like my skin looks more clear and bright when I drink them. Facials are great when I have time.
CW: Collagen facials at Aida Thibiant in Beverly Hills. Oh for the love of God... nothing better. I know for a fact that those facials have helped my skin look young with virtually no lines around my eyes... and I'm 42!
CP: My Galvanic Spa by Nu Skin.

StyleList: What beauty products do you swear by?
I really like the Kate Somerville line of face products. They are simple and of good quality.
CW: I love all M.A.C. products. If I had to pick one line of beauty products, like makeup, I'd choose M.A.C. Best eye shadows and lipsticks/glosses. The other product is L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara. Simply the best.
CP: Nu Skin!

StyleList: In light of your new Christmas album, what is your style must for holiday parties?
Usually metallic eye shadow. I like deep pink or red lipsticks as well. I love to wear silver, gold, and velvet at the holidays, and a great high heel makes me feel dressed up and festive.
CW: Holiday styles are fun, but tricky. I wanna be festive but am careful not to wear red and green together. No no no, people. Cheesy. I like silver and golds mixed with classic black. I like a pretty velvet blazer and headband. No matter what you wear, just be comfortable, stylish, and love the ones you're with!
CP: I love wearing gold at Christmastime. Always in warm holiday golden colors.

StyleList: Chynna, your blonde crop was really popular. Would you ever try that style again?
I was very surprised at its popularity. I was at a nightclub in L.A. and saw a girl who looked just like me. It was kind of weird, but she looked great. I wasn't sure if I would like the short cut and be able to work it onstage, but right when I saw the girl at the nightclub, I knew I liked it. The short hair gave me power and confidence. It was the boldness I was looking for. I always fantasize about going short again but probably will never do it.

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