Actress Diane Kruger covers Lucky's December issue with a snow-blossom dress and crimson lipstick. Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Lucky's December issue piggybacks a couple of landmark moments: the magazine's 10th anniversary and the debut of Brandon Holley as its new editor-in-chief. Holley gave StyleList the inside scoop on the issue's special features and her plans for the future.

The shopping-centric magazine marks its first decade with some new editorial directions, as well as a handful of fun, one-off retrospective round-ups.

But the splashiest salute is online, rather than on the page. Lucky created over 100 short videos, tied to every article in the magazine, and posted them on its Web site.

This is, by far, the magazine's biggest video venture. The clips build on the December issue's stories and tips, giving viewers more fashion and makeup advice, plus interviews with women featured in the magazine.

There's also a "getting to know you" video with Holley, in which she reveals some of her more memorable style moments. (Blue hair! Rock-band fur bikinis!)

While this flood of video won't be unleashed for every future issue, you can expect more than in years past. Holley is excited by new technology that allows for faster, smoother video production. "It's a quick turnaround," she notes. "Video's finally gotten manageable."

But let's get back to the beginning: the black, white and red-all-over cover.

"Inglourious Basterds" actress Diane Kruger appears on the birthday issue, wearing a snowy, floral-embroidered, five-figure cocktail dress. (Though the dress may remind you of Chanel, it's actually Valentino.)

The look may be more la-di-da than the usual Lucky cover but after all, it's not every day a glossy toasts a decade on the newsstands.

Editor at large Elise Loehnen applauded Kruger because "she resists the siren song of the celebrity stylist and insists on choosing her own outfits."

The new face of Calvin Klein's Beauty perfume is also known for doing her own hair and makeup for most events. The star told Lucky that after "Basterds," she was so hooked on red lipstick, she planned her outfits around her lip color.

Loehnen raved to StyleList about Kruger's look. The cover girl "has an impeccable eye -- this all makes her an ideal Lucky girl, since she knows how to mix high and low, take risks, and dress for her body.... We wanted her in part for the cover, though, because she really relishes being in a great gown -- and is known for amazing red carpet moments."

Inside, a new "On Our Cover" feature devotes three pages to Kruger's style, including the actress's favorite red carpet looks, like the fuchsia ruffled Christian Lacroix gown she wore to the Golden Globes.

Holley plans to use this extended profile in future issues. She's also honing in on celebrities who are known for their personal style. "We just shot Kate Bosworth," she told StyleList, "and [she] brought two huge bags of her own clothes."

More celebs will also pop up inside the magazine's fashion features. Holley looks to match up-and-coming designers with fresh creative talent, such as model/actress Elisa Sednaoui.

Stars like Lake Bell, above, will appear more often in Lucky's fashion pages. Photo courtesy of Lucky Magazine

Lucky's back page has been transformed with a new column. For "The Style Icon," readers will submit a photo of someone they know who has outstanding style, such as a friend or relative.

"It's kind of like the New Yorker cartoon contest," explains Holley. Readers can nominate anyone, in hopes of winning the spotlight for a "style love letter." The chosen applicants will also get a spa trip or other activity.

Holley herself is tempted to add to the recommendation pile. "I have a neighbor I want to submit. She matches head to toe every day and I've never seen her wear the same thing twice!"

The column was inspired by a blog by Piper Weiss, called My Mom, the Style Icon. Weiss contributed the inaugural column, dedicated to her mom's plaid-bikini beach look circa 1970.

This blog-based idea will be the first of many Holley intends to mesh into the Lucky brand.

"You're gonna see a lot more bloggers in the pages of Lucky," she promises. "They are what is most exciting in fashion: the online voices and democracy."

"A social shopping experience and a social experience around fashion is where we're going," Holley asserts. "We want to create an affiliate network of women who write about fashion... I'd like to create a more seamless interaction between print and blog." Hear that, style bloggers? Lucky wants you!

Design-wise, the magazine will get what Holley calls a "fresh coat of paint" in the months ahead. The creative team is working with Andy Spade's company, Partners & Spade.

"That firm is so full of ideas, I'd want an ongoing relationship with them," enthuses Holley. "The girls at his office are total Lucky readers. They all did that little shoulder scrunch and said 'I love Lucky'... you know that little shrug? It's a physical thing [you do] when you think something's cute or great."

Still, Holley claims that the changes will be more like a refreshing spa stint than an extreme makeover. "It's such an amazing magazine and hats off to Kim [France, the founding editor-in-chief] for creating it. We're not in turnaround mode."

Holley's own back-to-work experience informs a key story in the next issue. After a few years of working from home as editor-in-chief of Yahoo's Shine site, she suddenly had to pull together an office-ready wardrobe -- a Condé Nast-worthy wardrobe, at that.

"I did do a major shopping trip which was really, really fun," she recalls. "I hightailed it to Bergdorf's... It was three sweaty hours, about a hundred pieces of clothing." (For those of us in a more humble scenario, the article will cover mix-and-match separates.)

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