Redhead beauties Marcia Cross, Christina Hendricks, and Evan Rachel Wood. Photos: Joe Scarnici, FilmMagic | Michael Kovac, FilmMagic | Kevin Mazur, WireImage

Does the color of your hair affect your makeup choices? Absolutely!

Think of your hair as an accessory to your face. You need to choose colors that complement your hue and show off your gorgeous locks!

Here are a few things for redheads to keep in mind.

First, there are three types of redheads. The lightest is a ginger/strawberry blonde hue (think Reba McEntire). Medium shades are more of a rust/henna color (like Marcia Cross), and the darkest redheads have a fire engine/magenta tone (similar to Sharon Osbourne).

Once you know your shade, gauging your makeup around it is very important.

"Red hair is super distinctive," says celebrity hairstylist Brett Freedman. "Even the lightest shades grab über-attention, so you want your makeup to look crisp and fresh while avoiding bright colors, which can give an overpowering or clownish look."

Here are Freedman's tips for choosing the perfect makeup.

Light Redhead: Choose apricot or peach shades for lips and cheeks during the day. Pinks are fine too, but keep them light with a touch of gold. Stay away from brown or mauve tones as they will rob your face of color. Lavenders and silvers on eyes are also a nice touch.

Medium Redhead: Stay away from ash or taupe shades around the eyes. Instead, opt for warmer browns and honey tones. Going a little deeper on lips and cheeks is great as this will balance your hair shade. For lips, choose coppery pinks and tangerine shades with hints of gold.

Dark Redhead: You can go bold with makeup! Try plums and emeralds on the eyes. Cheeks and lips can be subtle, but be sure not to choose makeup that is too low key and won't have enough wattage to support your vibrant locks.

When it comes to freckles, Freedman says the days of covering them are over. Instead, go for a tinted moisturizer to diffuse your freckles without the heavy look of concealing them.

On the other hand, if you have a few stray freckles on your lip or brow line that make you feel splotchy, it's OK to spot cover with a tiny brush and concealer.

Reba McEntire and her famous red mane. Photo: Frederick Breedon, Getty Images

Whatever you do with your makeup, just don't go too brown and muddy, which is the biggest mistake redheaded women make, according to Freedman.

"You really want to bring the warmth and vibrancy of your red hair into your makeup," he says. Also, be careful of going too bold. "Heavy textures for day are not your friend," he adds. "So choose a lip gloss over lipstick and sheer cream blushes over flat powders."

And don't forget your brows! Be sure to tint them a shade darker than your red mane and adjust as necessary when your locks begin to fade.

When in doubt, look to Hollywood for inspiration with your crimson tresses. Redheads like McEntire, Christina Hendricks, and Evan Rachel Wood pull together their hair and makeup best.

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