Cindy McCain pixie haircut

Cindy McCain's new platinum blonde pixie. Photo: Steve Granitz/

She may not be on the campaign trail these days with her husband John McCain, but Cindy McCain is back in the spotlight.

The former Republican First Lady hopeful is garnering all sorts of attention for her chic new pixie haircut -- a welcome relief to the bouffant mane she was sporting two years ago during the Presidential race.

Maintaining her signature platinum blonde locks, McCain's hair is now short and choppy with tons of razored layers framing her face. She has also added a few lowlights which give dimension and depth to her once monotone strands.

Maybe being out of the political spotlight has given this 56-year-old a new sense of freedom with her style. It's fresh, edgy, youthful and, dare we say, sexy, for a politician's wife. Good for you, Cindy!

Perhaps she can give some coif cues to Sarah Palin!

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