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Shanna Moakler and the cast of "Bridalplasty" Photo courtesy of E!

The E! network's new series "Bridalplasty" with its 12 brides-to-be competing for prenuptial plastic surgery, features a shocking prize even by reality standards: The "winner" gets cut, with her wish list of surgery procedures being fulfilled before a celebrity-style dream wedding.

Appalled? Don't be, says the show's host, actress/model Shanna Moakler. From the former Miss USA's perspective, a little prenuptial nip and tuck is as normal as picking out china. "Brides are doing plastic surgery before their weddings every day."

StyleList spoke with Moakler, a former Playboy centerfold as well as Dr. Terry Dubrow, the reality show's resident plastic surgeon, in anticipation of "Bridalplasty's" Nov. 28 premiere.

Moakler and Dubrow are familiar faces to reality fans. Dubrow starred in Fox's controversial plastic surgery makeover series, "The Swan" and Moakler chronicled her marriage to rocker ex-husband Travis Barker on MTV's "Meet the Barkers."

StyleList: Shanna, your contestants are engaged to men who loved them enough to propose. What did they need to change?
Shanna Moakler
: Well, they don't need to change anything. I thought some of the girls were stunning, but plastic surgery is a very personal decision. That said, I'm in the beauty business, I run a pageant (Miss California USA) I have to be honest; I saw things I would want to fix on some of the women.

SL: Dr. Dubrow, why do something as drastic as surgery before a wedding?
Dr. Terry Dubrow
: It's very common for a woman to have a breast augmentation to fill out their dress. In older women (getting married) I do facelifts a lot. I also do a lot of mother-in-laws! The goal seems is to be a better version of yourself. Along with hair extensions and makeup (surgery) has become a part of getting ready for the big day.

SL: Doctor, some of these women want so much surgery it sounds like they are competing with Heidi Montag.
TD: Even though I did "The Swan," I'm not into surgery that changes your look that much. The best surgery is virtually invisible. When you see a reputable plastic surgeon he or she helps you devise a series of procedures that are safe and effective. We have some women who have quite a long list of procedures they want, but that's not right for everyone.

SL: Shanna, what motivated the contestants to compete?
: Some want the surgery, some the dream wedding. I think you are going to find these women very relatable in some cases. We have a contestant who's had breast cancer and a woman who was on "The Biggest Loser" who lost 90 pounds through diet and exercise. She has so much excess skin it doesn't matter how many crunches she does; it's not going away. She needs surgery to get rid of it.

SL: Shanna, I'm assuming you've had some plastic surgery yourself?
I haven't had anything. Open up my Playboy and that's all me. I do injectables, I have a little line in my forehead that bugs me. My approach to looking good is avoid the sun, good diet, exercise, some good Botox and everything in moderation.

But I would love to get my boobs done and my tummy. I've had three kids by C-section and trust me, no amount of sit-ups can fix that. I'm 35 and I would like more children, so I'm just not ready.

SL: Doctor, how do you respond to the critics of the show who think you've gone too far?
I think they should reserve their criticism until they've seen a few episodes. We're not doing anything that's not being done throughout the world.

"Bridalplasty" premieres on E! Nov. 28 at 9/8 C.

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