Incoporate these time-saving makeup tips into your beauty regimen. Photo: Corbis

"These days, it's all about getting cute quick, and many women spend a lot of time on daily makeup routines," says Jason Garner, national makeup artist for DuWop. "Fortunately, the slightest change in one simple application can dramatically lift a complexion, fill lips, or brighten eyes without spending unnecessary time and energy in front of the mirror."

Garner shared his favorite small change/big impact tips with StyleList.

Pout it out: "Pouty lips always make an impression. Keep lips smooth and moisturized with shine but not color. I always use Lip Venom 2nd Sin because it has Maxi-Lip, which builds collagen over time in addition to immediate plumping benefits. It works like a serum and absorbs without leaving residue. Use a neutral lip pencil to define the lip line over the Lip Venom. By pressing it in, you're working the Venom in and giving lips a raised look. It's like a cheaper version of collagen injections."

Go for the bronze: "Contouring and highlighting make the biggest difference in the way your face looks. You never want to do one without the other. I use a subtle bronzer or blush along natural facial structure, including the sides of the nose, under the jawline, just around the hairline, and under the cheekbones. I love NARS Laguna bronzer. I also use a bit of highlighter just where light hits your skin -- tops of the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and chin. The combination of highlighting and contouring creates shadows that slim the face. It enhances your bone structure. Cameron Diaz always looks sculpted like this at red carpet events."

Get your glow on: "Foundation should always be dewy. It makes skin look younger. You can get benefits from foundation too. DuWop Foundation of Youth has Matrixyl 3000 (an antioxidant blend) and it instantly smooths skin. It's especially nice under eyes to brighten and smooth fine lines. I tell women to get two shades of foundation -- one that matches skin, and one shade deeper for contouring. I think of Reese Witherspoon when applying foundation -- she has the most radiant complexion."

Take a powder: "Powder brow products work better and look more natural than gels or pencils. The key is getting the placement of the arch right, which is directly above the pupil of your eye. Less is more, don't use tons of product, just lightly blend it up and out along the brow, never downward -- you'll create a droopy effect. Adding highlighter under the arch gives the eye a lift and brightens it. Jessica Simpson always has smooth, groomed brows that aren't too thin."

Flash those lashes: "Try a mascara with fibers built in, which give lots of length and volume. I start with one full coat and add more at the outer corners for the appearance of false lashes and a mini eye lift. Shu Uemura Fiber Xtension Mascara is amazing, and never clumps. Madonna always has fabulous lashes and I happen to know she's a fan of Shu."

Feel blue: "I love blue eye shadow for this season. Sheer blues paired with a little bronze, black, or gray are great. Apply on lids right above the pupil and into the lash line. Or use a neutral shade all over the lid and then accent with blue right in the center of the lid. You can also rim the inner eye with blue shadow for a widening, brightening effect."

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