Expert tips on choosing the right shampoo and conditioner. Photo: Getty

From Brazilian blowouts to conical curlers and perms, women are pushing the styling boundaries more than ever before.

But now that you have a fab new look, picking the right shampoo and conditioner from a dizzying array of bottles on store shelves can be quite the challenge. Should you target the texture, style, or health of your hair when washing?

Experts say that no matter how a treatment is marketed, if your style involves putting chemicals on your hair, you're guaranteed two negative side effects that should be addressed when you step into the shower to suds up.

One, chemicals will permanently remove your hair's natural waterproofing ability, and two, the chemicals will attack the protein-building blocks that make up your strands. Both actions leave hair more fragile, more porous, and more damage prone, says Pantene senior scientist Jeni Thomas.

"Look for shampoo and conditioner designed specifically for chemically or color-treated hair. Your styling products can be chosen based on your new style," advises Thomas.

Detangling color-treated hair gently with a wide-toothed comb is especially important because of the change in hair structure.

"You need to be careful because with color, your hair may be dry or not very elastic," says New York salon owner Riccardo Maggiore, who adds that you should always use shampoo especially formulated for colored tresses, but can focus on your hair texture when it comes to conditioner.

Additionally, women who have had a Brazilian service are advised to use products that don't contain sulfates in order to achieve the longest-lasting results. (And for a $350 service, you want those results to last!)

If your strands are chemical free, you should treat based on the style you're going for.

"Women love options, and many like to pull off both wavy or straight hair. I tell clients to keep two types of shampoos and conditioners in the bathroom, and alternate depending on the type of style you want that day," says Gavin Harwin, stylist with Infusium 23.

And if you're apt to wield a blow-dryer, flat iron, or curler, don't forget to follow up with a heat-protector product before you power up the hair tools.

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