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Dear StyleList,

In Sacramento, California, the weather is blissful and the people are relaxed and spontaneous. That translates into some fascinating - and sometimes even astonishing - beauty trends. It may be outlandish, but it's never boring!

Avril Lavigne, Kelly Osbourne and Katy Perry model punk-rock locks. Photos: Frazer Harrison, Getty Images | Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images | Florian Seefried, Getty Images

Hair: Hairstyles in Sacramento have taken on a rocker appeal. Hot pinks, flashy blues, fire reds and cool purples are on the rise. Young girls are also adding brightly colored yarn to their hair to enhance the colors. Short, punkish cuts are also popular with the women of Sacramento. Another trend is weaves and hair extensions. According to salon hair stylist Margaret Haiile, women of every color and background are coming in for hair extensions or weaves.

Eyes: The new eye trends are beautiful and wildly exotic. Women are opting for eyebrows that are full and delicately curved, which is a change from the ordinary plucked eyebrow I used to see. As for color, many women in Sacramento are wearing vibrant, warm colors such as smoky browns, metallic golds, soft oranges. Others are into popping yellows blended with blues, spicy pinks and earthy greens.

Lips: Lips are going glossy. Victoria Secret's Beauty Rush lip gloss is a popular brand in Sacramento. While I am seeing a lot of nude, glossed lips, I am also seeing crimson colors splashed on the lips as well.

Nails: The women of Sacramento may like their hair, eyes and lips but they love their nails. Lisa Kulow of Nails by Lisa says she gets all kind of requests, but a favorite of her customers is the airbrushed look. The airbrush is a method of taking a stencil of your favorite design, placing it on your nail while an airbrush gun sprays a color or colors onto the the stencil, leaving behind a gorgeous design.

Sacramento is a beautiful city that makes you enjoy every bit of life. The beauty trends here are changing every day - which makes it even more fun to watch out for them.


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