Herringbone on, from left, Ralph Lauren pants, Elizabeth and James blazer/dress from Nordstrom, and Banana Republic jacket. Photos: Fernanda Calfat, Getty Images for IMG; Nordstrom.com; Banana Republic

Classic, timeless and subtle, herringbone is one weave that never seems to go out of style.

"It is such an easy pattern to wear -- it isn't a stripe, it isn't a polka dot or a flower," Simon Kneen, Banana Republic's creative director and executive vice president of design, tells StyleList. "It can work in a subtle, tasteful and stylish way that says 'I understand the better things in life.' "

Lindsay Albanese, celebrity wardrobe stylist and style expert, says herringbone is the ultimate classic weave pattern.

"It's modern and sophisticated and stays current and on trend season after season," she tells StyleList.

That certainly holds true for fall. Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Chloé showed herringbone looks on their runways, and it's a staple in stores now.

For a little assistance on how to mix herringbone into your own wardrobe, we asked our experts -- Kneen and Albanese -- to weigh in on wearing the V-shaped pattern.

Investment pieces: "Jackets are great in herringbone," Kneen says. "They go easily with any of your solid pants and can make an old pair of jeans look totally chic and effortless. It has that masculine look that works great for her when she couples it with super feminine blouses."

"Coats, blazers, pants, vests -- all can be a statement piece," Albanese says. "Complement any outfit with a herringbone article of clothing. It instantly adds polish and sophistication."

Scale it back: "I prefer a smaller herringbone, with maybe a tweed fabric that gives that sporty-country look, but then done in a modern style," Kneen says. "We have a great raw-edged one in store now for women that is the perfect combination of classic and cool."

"Small herringbone prints are more modest and traditional, where huge prints are more trendy and bold," Albanese says.

Color charts: "The classic black-and-white always looks sharp, but you can find herringbone in a variety of colors and textures," Albanese says.

Mix it up: "It really is more of a texture than a true pattern, so it can work great with most prints, such as florals or animal," Kneen says. "I don't think it looks so effortless when you try to wear it with other patterns such as pinstripe or plaid."

"I personally like to pair herringbone with solid colors or neutrals," Albanese says. "If you're daring, pair it with prints in the same color family as the herringbone piece. It's an easy way to gauge what looks best. If you're really daring, you can pair herringbone with floral, leopard and stripes. It's all about your personal style. I also love herringbone with silk and lace. Stick to one herringbone piece per outfit to avoid looking too busy."
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