Courtesy More magazine

Jennifer Beals won't be getting Botox.

"That's not what I wish for myself," the 46-year-old former "L-Word" actress tells More magazine on the topic of whether she plans to get plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments. Beals is taking aging as it comes -- with a sense of humor.

"Yeah everything's moving, frankly downward," she tells the magazine.

But her career continues to be on the upswing. After six years on Showtime's lesbian drama, Beals will star as a lady cop in the new Fox drama "Ride-Along," slated for 2011. The new series is being filmed in Beals' hometown of Chicago. The actress explains to the magazine that she is no stranger to the Windy City's mean streets or to being around firearms.

"I grew up in an apartment building (in Chicago) and everyone we knew had a gun," Beals says.

In the past 10 years, Beals has experienced a resurgence of a career that began as a teen actress playing Alex Owens in "Flashdance." Yet somehow, Beals avoided the pitfalls that trap some young celebrities in a downward spiral of partying, drugs and missing underwear.

"To get sucked into that, you have to believe the glamour is real. If you have your eye on a different prize, you don't get sucked in," Beals says.

Her pal Jodie Foster adds that she never thought Beals would be an actress in the first place. "It didn't fit her personality. She's not somebody who needs to dance on a table with a lampshade on her head to get attention," Foster tells the mag.

Speaking of missing underwear, Beals never does nudity, despite the fact that she has had some of the sexiest love scenes on television.

"Jennifer didn't do nudity, but she did some of the most compelling and sexy scenes, because she made them so real," says "L-Word" creator Ilene Chaiken.

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