Dr. Leslie Baumann. Courtesy Photo

Wading through the drugstore and department store stock of skin care products can be pretty daunting. We're never quite sure of our skin type, since it seems to be constantly evolving from combination to acne-prone to dry in certain spots with the occasional sunspot and fine lines that creep up.

Luckily, one of our favorite dermatologists, Dr. Leslie Baumann of the Baumann Cosmetic & Research Institute in Miami, Florida, has developed a fool-proof system for determining your skin type and ultimately, which skin care products will best suit your needs.

Skin Type Solutions (based on Baumann's book published in 2005 -- "The Skin Type Solution") is a web-based quiz that helps to categorize your skin issues and construct a simple custom skin care regimen for morning and evening.

The quiz took two years to develop and scientifically verify. Through a series of questions it leads you to one of 16 Baumann Skin Types (e.g. I'm OSPW 7) and also explains why your skin acts the way it does. You will then receive unbiased product recommendations and gain access to reviews of skin care products, updates on new dermatologic cosmetic procedures and seasonal skin care advice.

Baumann developed Skin Type Solutions so that women would have an easier time shopping for products and won't end up with a drawer full of duds. She keeps each recommended regimen pretty simple -- cleanser, treatment, sunscreen for morning and basic moisturizer for evening, and optional eye cream.

And you can rest assured that the products recommended are not the result of "pay for play." Dr. Baumann and her staff conduct testing and send out thousands of products to women who volunteer to be testers, and brands may not pay to be discussed or featured on the site, unless it is a clearly marked advertisement.

StyleList wondered what's in it for Baumann? She collects the data from all the women who take the quiz and uses it further her own scientific research, which she told us is currently focused on isolating the gene for oily skin.

We'll keep our ears perked for any news on that discovery!

Watch the video below as Dr. Baumann takes six women from around the country on a skin type journey!