Larry Marano, Getty Images | Joe Kohen, WireImage

In what could be the final act of this made-for-tabloid beauty queen smackdown, Miss New York Davina Reeves has apologized to Miss USA Rima Fakih for crashing her float at New York City's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The rival beauties appeared separately today on "Inside Edition" to give their takes on the moving drama that took place on Turkey Day when Reeves jumped onto Fakih's pep rally-themed parade float and flashed her own sash.

The New York Post reported Fakih was pleasant to her unexpected guest, but her handlers were less gracious and ejected her from the float after several blocks.

Reeves claims she was just having a little bit of fun before her reign ends when a new Miss New York is crowned in Albany later this week.

"It was the most daredevil thing I ever did," she told the paper.

Reeves told "Inside Edition" she was surprised her attention-grabbing prank became front-page news in New York City and meant no offense to Michigan's Fakih, who recently represented this country in the Miss Universe Pageant. "I am so sorry if I crashed your party," Reeves told "Inside Edition."

She also turned up at the studio at the same time as Fakih's "Inside Edition" interview.

When Fakih spied the other beauty on set, she had a question for host Les Trent: "She didn't sneak into the studio, did she?" Trent assured Fakih that the runner-up was an invited guest.

Fakih, who's endured her own share of controversy during her reign, had her own sassy response: "I will be hosting 'WWE Raw' tonight. If her crown and sash can get her into the ring, that can get interesting." Meow!

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