Black Swan

Makeup designer Judy Chin transforms Natalie Portman into the "Black Swan." Photo Courtesy of MAC

Even if you don't like ballet, it's been said that "Black Swan" makes it cool. The makeup alone is worth the price of admission and a small popcorn.

Just look at Natalie Portman and her awesomely dramatic look!

Mastermind makeup designer and Oscar winner Judy Chin spent weeks preparing the bold, edgy makeup to transform this character from the innocent and graceful white swan to the edgy, seductive black swan.

"What I've always loved about makeup design is its contribution to the actor's performance," said Chin.

When developing the makeup style for a character, Chin not only takes into account their age, personal history, affluence and profession, but also the plot of the story and how events might affect the character's appearance.

"I always try to find out how the actors will be dressed, as that can have a significant influence on the makeup look. While our designs are often created independently at first, I find that the hair stylist and I work very closely to be sure that our looks fit together and bring the characters to life."

While some may relate this movie to the traditional version of "Swan Lake," Chin says it's entirely different. "The ensemble dancers wear what might be considered a traditional theatrical eye makeup, but our rendition is more dramatic. It's practically an opera makeup."

To get the "Black Swan" look, several dramatic colors were used from MAC Cosmetics:

-- A pale ivory foundation with a white cream highlight was applied on the forehead and cheekbones.

-- To create the swan eyes, Chin used black MAC Chromaline. Then a MAC Pigment in silver was combined with mixing medium and applied with feathery brushstrokes over the eyes.

-- The lips were lined with MAC Lip Pencil in vino and topped with MAC lipstick in dubonnet.

-- The under eye was also lined with a thin line using MAC Chromaline in red.

While this is most likely not a look for the office or holiday gathering, you can still take inspiration from the film and apply it to your own style.

"There are a lot of aspects to this makeup that are standard elements for a classic beauty makeup," said Chin. "The highlights and contours along the cheekbones, nose, jawline, and the pout of the mouth can all be adapted to a contemporary makeup. I also think one could incorporate the dramatic eyeliner – the angles and the intensity - into a very seductive, catlike smoky eye."

When asked why she thinks so many fans are fascinated with the makeup in "Black Swan," Chin replied, "What's not to be fascinated with? The look is intense, alluring, and sexy with a bit of danger mixed in."

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