Nicole Scherzinger's new pointy 'do. Photo: GF/

Nicole Scherzinger is making a point with her hair. Literally.

The "X Factor" finalist, winner of last season's "Dancing With the Stars," and former lead singer of The Pussycat Dolls has managed to twist and twirl her strands into a most bizarre updo featuring two points on the top of her head.

Scherzinger first debuted this look on "X Factor" last weekend, and we thought, OK maybe it was a one-time publicity stint to get attention for her new single. Or perhaps she had become BFF's with Lady Gaga and wanted to try a Gaga-inspired look for the stage.

Yet, here she is days later still sporting the same hair horns.

Spotted this week at a radio interview in London and the launch of Reebok's ZigTech Trainer at a nearby shopping mall, the 32-year-old had the exact 'do coupled with short, blunt bangs that only seemed to accentuate what's happening on the top of her head.

Tell us Nicole, what up with the crazy 'do? We miss your long, wavy locks!

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