Cate Blanchett

The secret behind Cate Blanchett's red carpet glow: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Cate Blanchett's otherworldly complexion resembles the porcelain finish that many women vie for. The star's personal makeup artist says the secret lies in one essential skin care step the two always take when prepping for jaunts across the red carpet.

"We'll prepare with cleanser and toner, and then Cate will sit back in a chair while her manicure and pedicure is done, and perhaps some preparations made to her hair," explained Dotti, her makeup artist of nearly 14 years.

"Then we'll apply SK-II's Facial Treatment Mask to her face -- it's Cate's thing, it helps her relax and makes her skin look radiant," adds Dotti.

The 100 percent cotton mask is saturated in SK-II's star ingredient, pitera -- a blend of vitamins, amino acids and minerals that are naturally derived from the fermentation of yeast.

Pitera is a clear water-like liquid, which the brand claims stimulates skin renewal, improves moisture and locks in hydration. The mask should be applied for about 15 minutes, and then the cotton peels off to reveal a layer of skin made supple with the absorption of pitera. No rinsing is recommended.

While Cate is currently the face of the brand
, her ritual and use of the treatment goes back nearly a decade, as a must-do before stepping out at public appearances. Her makeup artist says it was her loyal use of SK-II products that eventually led to her to work with the line.

Gaining recognition in the United States, SK-II already enjoys a cultlike following among Japanese women, who are thought to spend the most amount of time on their skin of any women in the world, with an average 10 to 12 steps in their everyday skincare routine.

As befits an Academy Award winner, the price of the treatment masks is luxurious. You can choose from six masks for $90 or 10 masks for $120.

The cost and opulence of the product isn't lost on Blanchett and her makeup artist, though -- as they routinely rip open the packet and squeeze out the last bits toothpaste-style so as to savor every last drop.

"I'll apply the extra bits to the ears, neck, back of hands and even the front of Cate's feet if her shoes allow for it," Dotti told StyleList.

We may not have an Oscar on the shelf, but we could sure get used to that kind of movie star treatment.

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