Hissyfit Clockpot

Hissyfit Clockpot Face and Cheek Compacts. Courtesy of Hissyfit

With 34 years experience, Reggie Wells might as well be a makeup professor. And it turns out, he used to be an art teacher, so it's no wonder he excels at how-to makeup seminars for women across the country.

Wells' gig as Oprah's personal makeup artist and his work on the show made him realize just how many women have no idea how to use makeup.

"They may buy it, but for the most part, women just don't know what to do with it -- including Oprah!" said Wells at an editor event to launch his latest partnership with Hissyfit.

The cosmetics company and the man behind Oprah's smoky eye came together to create a new kind of palette that will take the guesswork out of application for foundation, eye shadow and blush/bronzer. It's called Hissyfit Clockpot and is basically a large round compact with five pans of makeup.

In theory, you would use all the shades in the palette, depending on the look you're trying to create, by moving around the clock face from 12 to 9, with the goal of a fully finished face in minutes.

If you were using the Face palette, which consists of foundation and highlighter, you would begin with the circular pan in the center of the compact and use the highlighter on the left on places where light hits your face, such as the bridge of your nose, just under your eyes and on your chin. Then use the right-hand half-moon of foundation sparingly on the rest of your face. Move to the 12 spot and dust highlighting powder over the areas you've highlighted. Then use the 3 spot contour powder lightly on the rest of your face. The 6 spot holds translucent powder, and the 9 spot is filled with a "glow finishing powder" that you sweep all over to set your look.

Luckily, it sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

You may use only one or two of the makeup pans if you don't have the time or the need for full coverage -- but amazingly, even if you do want the full monty, the compact makes the whole process a snap. You can't screw it up, because all you have to do is move clockwise.

The Hissyfit Web site also offers detailed how-to info, so you can get even more artful with your application.

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