Shepard Fairey (left) and David Hershkovits (right). Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullan

Overlooking a stunning vista of the Biscayne Bay at the Mondrian Hotel, AOL and Paper Magazine co-hosted a brunch yesterday in honor of artist and graffiti renegade Shepard Fairey, who served as the mag's first-ever guest editor for the November issue.

"We've known Shepard for almost 15 years," said magazine co-founder David Hershkovits. "Carlo [McCormack, an editor at Paper] curated his first show back in 1994."

Paper's relationship with Fairey goes back to his nascent days as a T-shirt-making skateboarder living in Providence, R.I. His current all-star status, due to the André the Giant OBEY posters, inspirational Barack Obama HOPE posters, and large scale art shows (he showed at Deitch Projects earlier this year), has made him a bit of a household name.

"It's amazing when you know someone who succeeds years later," said Hershkovits. "Talent is not everything you need a lot of more too."

The event, which was sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger, drew fellow artists and blogging phenoms alike. Todd Selby arrived in a very Southern Florida-looking blue tee that featured white kittens (courtesy of his friend Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter, who was also in attendance). Other creative types included Diesel honcho Renzo Rosso, and of course Paper's merry band of editors Kim Hastreiter, Mickey Boardman, Alexis Swerdloff, and Elizabeth Thompson.

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